Latin America Outreach Initiative

The Latin America Outreach Initiative aims to collect information about members and institutions from Latin America.
The UFFC-S seeks to provide services and opportunities to people in the fields that the society operates in and increase its diversity and the support for the Latin American community. This initiative is in line with multiple other activities and resources from IEEE UFFC-S, where opportunities are available to connect senior and earlier career members worldwide within a network that genuinely represents the UFFC-S goals and interests.

IEEE UFFC-S Topical School Waves and Transducers
October 12-22, 2021

Acoustical imaging is based on two fundamental pillars: waves and transducers. The waves are essential to probe the interior of the human body, a metal structure or the earth whereas the transducers are essential to generate and receive the acoustic waves. This topical school is built around those two pillars.

The lectures will be taught in English at an advanced physics and engineering level aiming for early career PhD students. Our topical school will cover topics related to wave propagation (ranging from acoustic field equations to full-wave form inversion), and materials and transducers (ranging from piezo-ceramics and piezo-crystals through to miniaturized high-frequency matrix transducers for integration with electronics). By combining theory with simple hands-on practical work using computers, instrumentation and piezoelectric materials, the students will gain significant understanding about the foundations of medical ultrasound and other related applications.

This Special-Topic School will be generously supported by the IEEE-UFFC Society. The closing date for registration is August 16, 2021. Note that the maximum number of participants we can handle is 30.

For more information, please visit the website:

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